our interior design process

The internet has provided us with a dazzling profusion of endless design and style ideas and inspiration.

Our job is to cut through the clutter and static this often creates — even for the most detailed and organised homeowner — and drill down into the heart of what matters to you most, and determine how that can be applied to your home or a space within your home.

To do this, our process starts with strong concepts and ends with your beautiful space or home. We involve you at each and every step along the journey so that the full potential of your dream is realised.

These steps are as follows:

1.      concept development and design direction

Epiphany Homes begins with concept development and design direction. These two critical elements initiate the rhythm and flow of your design.

This is where the epiphany homes team shines.

We aim to understand your inspiration, style, and desires out of which a brilliant and beautiful interior design is born. We truly believe that your home should reflect your taste and not ours.

2.      floorplan and layout design including spatial planning to optimise flow and functionality

Only from a well-conceived and well-executed interplay of space, light, form, finishes and furniture can a space or home be truly beautiful and functional.

Creating a cohesive flow within your home is one of the most demanding aspects of design, especially on an odd-shaped site or a dark corner.

epiphany homes is always up for the challenge and will thoughtfully design the most aesthetically pleasing and functional plan and furniture layout for your home.

3.      palette

Colour is the first thing we intuit when we encounter a space or home — visually, subliminally, and kinaesthetically (that is, how it affects us).

Finding colour combinations that will evoke the right emotions for you and the people around you, and also create an enlivening sense of wellbeing and space can be a daunting task.

This is where epiphany homes comes to the fore, helping clients create a seamless palette for a specific space, renovation, or a new or existing home.

4.      finishes

Linked to palette… both soft (like window coverings or upholstery) and hard (such as tiles, flooring, cabinetry, door and drawer hardware, exterior cladding and roofing), all finishes need to work in concert with each other. This need spans specific spaces as well as the entire home, and requires an interplay of both aesthetic and practical considerations.

This art is the foundation of the functional aesthetic of design, and at epiphany homes we are experts in this craft.

5.      fixtures & furniture

Sourcing fixtures and furniture is the most time-consuming part of the interior designer’s life. epiphany homes have substantial relationships with leading suppliers, boutique manufacturers and artisans, global and local. There is no piece of furniture, fixture or appliance we cannot source.

6.      décor + art

Décor and art are the details that provide the theme, substance and atmosphere to a space, and are representations and statements of your personal life. Because these items are personal, they are carefully chosen with you. They bring a space together as a whole and as a home.

7.      installation

At epiphany homes, we have a team of installers to call on that care about their work across all aspects of installation including cabinetry, appliance, furniture, wallpaper, Fine Arts handlers, and so on. Of course, epiphany homes personally install site-specific pieces (furniture, artworks, decor etc.).



Hard Finishes
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