epiphany homes is a Melbourne-based interior and exterior design studio that doubles as a property development company.

Because we have over 20 years hands on experience within the design and building industry, we know how the interior and exterior design of spaces actually impacts the daily lives of our clients – how they live, sleep and work in their homes.

epiphany homes’ aim is to create epiphany moments for you and your family — to arouse emotions and inscribe deep experiences that create lasting positive memories.

Our passion is for creating sumptuous and luxurious spaces that have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing while becoming part of you and your family’s stories year after year.

Your home, your story, your space, your needs are our undivided focus.


epiphany homes’ overarching design philosophy pursues a design aesthetic underpinned by timeless qualities that resist change and trends. Those timeless qualities are inspired by natural elements innate to all positive human experience and are our three pillars of design …

place — a poetics of Australian land- or sea-scapes (depending on where your home is situated) that is the heart of your story of home — allowing the place to take you in as sanctuary and story on your journey through life;

living — how you need to experience home — living, nurturing, playing and working — that will create lasting, beautiful memories; and

light bathing — from the first rays of the sun in the morning to the last rays of an Australian sunset all linked to our wellbeing for greater energy and happiness, enhanced creativity, better relaxation and sleep, and a more balanced emotional state.

Right heart, right experience, right mindfulness

epiphany homes therefore follows a design philosophy that emphasises how our clients and their families need to live. A home is now, more than ever, a quality-of-life investment for a family. There has been a definitive shift in the way families are looking at their homes and their surroundings from a decade ago. The emphasis is on how they need to live (and since Covid how they need to work where they live).


As designers, we are ambitious, highly imaginative, and accept challenges head-on. To achieve our design philosophy, we are driven by a strong desire to understand our clients' ways of living and their ideal living environments, and how they seamlessly speak to our three pillars of design.